Elliott Insurance's subsea insurance specialist can quickly, easily and competitively arrange specialist insurance for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV's), Hydrographic Survey Equipment, Vibro Corers, CPT pushing frames, Subsea trenchers and virtually anything designed to go in, on, near, over water or on rigs, jetties, barges, even permanently fixed/moored equipment.

  • Access to specialist insurers and our exclusives products/prices.
  • Quick turnaround with quote indications given in 24-48 hours.
  • Public Liability and all other insurances also available.

David Clarke is an ‘Authorised Broker’ of Elliott Insurance Brokers and is pioneering a new wave of insurance services and options for businesses operating within the greater subsea, offshore, marine, oil & gas, hydrocarbon, etc. industries.

Basically we can insure any type of equipment anywhere in the world even if it is equipment you have ‘hired in’ or equipment you own and 'hire out'.

All our insurance products have been designed to automatically comply with Principal contract conditions; whether it is INPEX, Chevron or out at Barrow we can arrange the exact insurances you need to fulfil Principal contract requirements – remember, not having these insurances is a breach of the contract which could result in your Principal terminating the contract or billing you for the cost of insurances that they arrange (which would be prohibitively expensive!).

At Elliott Insurance Brokers, we want to talk with you and find out exactly what your industry wants and needs so that we can deliver exactly that to you, please give David Clarke a call even if just to have a chat, we would be more than happy to tell you our story and find out what you do.

Contact our offshore and subsea insurance specialist

David Clarke
Phone 1300 635 315
Mobile 0449 600 755
Email dclarke@elliottinsurance.com.au
  • David Clarke is a very professional operator and was able to restructure the insurance portfolio for my company. We saved a lot of money!

    Martin ReedDirector at Insight Business

  • Johns forward thinking has certainly set him apart from his competitors and I have no doubt he is set to be positioned as a leader in his field. Aside from this I find John to be a wonderfully likable person who is charming to say the least which is a necessary asset in the Insurance Industry. Any client involved with John and his company will be in good hands.

    Rachel AdamsDevelopment Manager at Calliden Insurance

  • David Clarke is a member of a company we have dealt with and depended on for many years. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for guidance and service in the insurance sector.

    Rod TweddleDirector – Armada International

  • Many thanks for the great service as always Michael.


  • A big thanks to David Powell for his assistance in bringing my request to a speedy and satisfactory conclusion.


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