• Elliott Insurance In Top 10 Brokerages in Australia

    The latest issue of Insurance Business magazine (issue 3.05) has just hit the selves, and in it was the annual ranking for the Top 10 insurance brokers in Australia. It didn't come as much of a surprise to see Elliott Insurance Brokers make the top 10 list. We see a tremendous level of growth over the last 12 months, including adding 3 new authorised brokers, several new brands and products.

    John Elliott, founder and CEO of Elliott Insurance Brokers, showed his typical humble demeanour, diverting attention to his fantastic team, when he was quoted saying:

    Once again it's a rewarding feeling for the team here to be recognised following another year of hard work.

    John, always willing to help new comers, showed his hand for the next 12 months outlining his plan for acquisition, hiring the right people and continuing to develop online:

    Acquisition, People, Online. We have invested heavily in these three areas and it has paid off well, and we will continue to do so.

    John also had a jab at his "complacent" competition who he sees as "living in the past" focusing on "sticking to tradition" and "losing the battle against direct insurers". Contrasting our style of great service at an affordable price John had some interesting things to say, read the full story at Insurance Business Online.

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