• John Elliott comments on IAG's Lumley Acquisition

    An unnamed industry insider (guess who it was... if you said John Elliott you're right) was consulted and quoted in Insurance Business Online's recent article titled "Employees leaving insurer in acquisition aftermath".

    Insurance Business Online is the Australian insurance industry's leading online news source.

    The article was on Lumley's transition from ownership by Wesfarmers to IAG and the possible loss of employees that presented. The acquisition of Lumley by IAG was completed on the 30th of June and there have been rumours of a small number of departures.

    People see the writing on the wall and look for other opportunities rather than waiting around.Former Lumley Employee

    But John Elliott, founder and CEO of Elliott Insurance, had a very different perspective. John has strong industry connections to Lumley, IAG and IAG's other brands including CGU.

    The IAG staff and CGU are actually really excited about the mergeJohn Elliott

    John went on to say "There is nothing but optimism about being able to make the best of both worlds."

    We'll all keep an eye on the situation as it unfolds.

    Read the full article on Insurance Business Online.

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