• John Elliott in M2 Magazine's Entrepreneurs Corner

    M2 Magazine recently interviewed the Founder and CEO of Elliott Insurance Brokers, John Elliott, in their regular Entrepreneurs' Corner. The article by Kristof Haines also topped the most popular articles of the month. In the interview John outlined what he sees as holding back Australian business including lack of communication between key business leaders as well as governmental barriers for young entrepreneurs.

    The barrier to entry into business for many Australians and young people is simply too big to overcome.John Elliott

    It wasn't all bad news, John went on suggest a number of ways that government and business can foster increased innovation and growth including:

    • A 10 year tax free period for new businesses
    • Limiting big business' crusade to kill small business' innovation
    • Breaking the generation gap between employee and entrepreneur

    On a lighter note, when asked what his "enterpreneur superpower" is John said balls and having nothing to lose was what propelled him into business in the early year.

    Read the full entertaining story on M2's website.

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