• John Elliott Stands up Against Price Hikes

    John Elliott, CEO and Founder of Elliott Insurance Brokers has taken a stand against dodgy insurance company dealings.

    In a recent article published by Insurance Business Online, the WA local has come out strong against the practice of luring customers with low premiums only to raise them at renewal. The "ritualistic pattern" which John says could be a significant increase is hurting business and misleading customers.

    We are not talking about small premium increases, these increases can be as much as 25% even if the client has a good claim history

    John goes on to say that this is one of the important reasons to use a broker, outlining the complexity of the situation:

    the broker can warn the client that it is likely their insurance policy will be more expensive come renewal season but most of the time the client will opt for the cheaper policy

    One of the great difficulties of brokering insurance, John warns, is clients often assume that any price hike is the broker adding fees. But when looking for the best deal price isn't always the most important issue,

    We look at those insurers that offer the best policy coverage at the best rate, that we have established good relationships with and go the extra mile

    With advice and experience like that, why would you go anywhere else?

    To read the full article see Brokers battle with insurers over ‘ritualistic’ 25% price hikes

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