• QBE planning offshoring

    In a surprising move, it has been revealed that QBE may be planning to move 700 jobs offshore. Insurance Business magazine recently publish an article titled "QBE offshoring jobs move is 'shocking':broker boss slams plans". John Elliott, CEO and Founder of Elliott Insurance Brokers was quoted in the article as saying,

    It’s disappointing because it is an insurer we have grown with in Australia and one that provides the local market with a great deal of support.

    While the reports of the massive offshoring exercise are still in the rumour-mill, Elliott Insurance selects from a wide array of national and international insurers. John made it clear that if QBE continue to provide a well-priced product with the excellent service Australia has come to expect from QBE, he would have no problem continuing to work with them.

    I can understand why QBE have done it - it needs to be efficient and competitive. But if this move does not impact the broking part of the business and my clients are handled appropriately by a representative in Australia then that is fine and I will continue working with QBE.

    John made it clear that the priority for Elliott Insurance Brokers is to provide a great price and excellent service.

    We'll be sure to keep updated on the situation as it unfolds.

    Insurance Business magazine is the Australian insurance industries leading news and opinion magazine.

    To read the full article see QBE offshoring jobs move is “shocking”: Broker boss slams plans

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